August 15, 2016

“The Promises” and Transformation from working with me

Some of “The Promises” (Benefits) and value clients experience as a result of investing in these services:

The Promise of spending LESS time job searching, and getting BETTER results, i.e. more job opportunities and even being contacted by THEM to come for interviews, versus experiencing the “black hole” of submitting tons of online applications and not hearing back.  Putting out 20% of the best food forward, and getting back 80% positive results, versus the other way around. Saving clients (you) time, money, and frustration.
(This is done by creating customized and contemporary job search strategies designed to work best with your natural talents and strengths, making the job search process almost enjoyable at times, instead of wanting to pull your hair out and throw your laptop over the top of a twenty story building).

Steve B

Steve Borochoff : VP Global Sales |Software, IoT, Sensors | Enterprise, OEM, Embedded |Recurring Revenue

“Scott is very adept at career counseling. In a one on one session he walked me through how to navigate LinkedIn for success and how to get on recruiter’s radar. The career guidance world is rapidly changing and Scott is always one step ahead.”

The Promise of aligning your unique strengths and talents with your passion and profession. In working together, you will “connect the dots” of your talent, history, and experience and how that translates into your next role.  You will have more clarity, confidence, and excitement as you’re moving forward to your dream career.


Asmaa H:  Public Health Professional

“Scott is such an amazing person and an incredible coach. At the time I came to seek Scott for his services, I was unemployed. I had been desperately searching for different jobs and was feeling very frustrated, burnt out, depressed, and confused about the direction of my career. I was willing to accept any job at that point, but didn’t even have that option, as I wasn’t hearing back from companies even though I was sending out what felt like hundreds of resumes.

When I first contacted Scott, he listened to me express my frustrations, and seemed to understand exactly how I was feeling. He assured me that things would be different from here on out if I decided to take the risk, invest in myself, and do something different. I took him up on his offer and I can honestly say that I am beyond glad that I did!

Working with Scott was worth EVERY penny. He’s very intuitive and very genuine. After just a few weeks of working with him, I already felt more confident. I gained a much clearer vision and idea of what I wanted to do, and with the types of companies I wanted to work for. It was miraculous because as soon as we began working together, I began to finally get several job interviews lined up within a week!

I let Scott know that I felt insecure about my job interviewing skills and in my ability to be hired for a good job, and Scott seemed to always know how to motivate me and help me move forward. He gave me so many tips and insight that now I have a lot more confidence in myself. I almost can’t even believe it, but I sort of began to enjoy the job interview process. As a result of doing practice interviews with Scott during some of our sessions, I began to feel much more authentic and comfortable speaking to potential employers. One person in Human Resources actually told me during our initial screening call that she really liked me and hoped I got hired! It was so cool to hear that and I felt really good about myself. Also, I’m now doing better at networking, something I seriously thought I couldn’t do because I’m naturally an introverted person.

About seven or so weeks after Scott and I first started working together, I got offered a job actually doing something I wanted to do! I feel so grateful that I decided to work with Scott, and felt like he truly cared about me and wanted me to succeed. I would work with Scott again in a heartbeat and recommend him to everyone I speak with who feels they need help in this area of their life.”

The promise of getting your LinkedIn Profile to be noticed more quickly and easily by Recruiters paid by employers to find the top talent in your industry. 

(To date, over 90 % of the top recruiters use LinkedIn as their number one platform to find the right candidates).

Ryan S. Sales Professional

“In deciding to work with Scott 1:1 for a more extended period of time, one of the first benefits was Scott assisting me in reducing my time job searching from 20-25 hrs/wk to 5-10 hrs/wk. 

What was incredible was that after Scott and I made some improvements to my LinkedIn profile, I was literally averaging one job interview per week on LinkedIn alone, without submitting ANY online job applications.

 Employers interviewing me began responding to me in a more positive way and I quickly began getting multiple job offers. SinceI now had a much clearer vision of what I was really wanting, I was actually turning away job offers, and avoiding the same types of mistakes I had made in the past of just accepting any job I could get.

 I highly recommend Scott to anyone who might relate to some of the same challenges I had before working with him and wanting to experience the results I got afterwards.”



The Promise of  having a customized strengths assessments designed to help you really tap into what you’re best at, and learn how to intentionally lead from that place to be successful in not only finding the right job or career for you, but taking those unique strengths you have to thrive in that next role!


Jennifer C

Jennifer C. Executive Assistant, Pepperdine University

“He asks the right questions to get you thinking about how to show all your best attributes. His desire to have you succeed is authentic. It feels like you’re on a team when you work with him. Needless to say, I felt confident going in for my interview and knowing my worth after having Scott’s knowledge and expertise.”


The Promise of Attracting the right companies (and not the toxic ones) by building your own unique “Personal Brand” online that is congruent with what actually works in our present day to attract the right positions and companies that align with your passion and values. 

Leslie Brown
Leslie Brown, MBA Office Supervisor at Kaiser Permanente

“I highly recommend Scott! Scott is a true professional who genuinely cares about his clients. Using his approach to personal re-branding has enhanced both my professional growth and personal marketing strategy.

He has provided a productive and meaningful experience through consistent guidance and partnership while helping me identify untapped potential. My experience with Scott has been truly rewarding and well worth the investment.”


The Promise of finding which of the four forms of networking you are best in, and using this to your advantage so you can feel more confident and comfortable making the best connections and showcasing yourself and your work most effectively.

(Current research continues to suggest that roughly 70 % of all positions people get are resulted from personal and professional networking).

Joshua Schwiesow

Joshua Schwiesow, PharmD, MBA Pharmacy Business Services Manager at Denver Health

“I sought the opportunity to work with Scott after a colleague had recommended him. What I most appreciated was his objective evaluation of goals and direction. He helped me sort through what I was looking for and encouraged focus and some measure of conciseness. We also worked on strategic skills such as evaluating all aspects of an opportunity and appropriately using a network.

Scott had the right balance of pushing back objectively and encouraging when he saw potential. It’s also worth mentioning that in just 6 weeks of us working together, I found a great opportunity and landed a new position right as we finished our work! I highly recommend anyone looking to jumpstart their job search in a contemporary digital era to work with Scott.”

The Promise of acing your job interviews, standing out from the competition, and getting paid what you deserve by learning how to most effectively identify your accomplishments and powerfully communicate them in a way that lets interviewers understand the high level of value you would bring to their company.

Chad Bordes, M.B.A.

Chad Bordes, M.B.A. | Performance Coach | Business Consultant

“I have worked with Scotty both as a client and a consultant. I can put this very simply. If you looked up “encouraging, patient, knowledgeable, and integrity” in the dictionary, you would see a picture of Scott. Scott is all of those things and more. I had the opportunity to work with him before starting my Job and California Health and Longevity and he coached the hell out of me for the job interview. He gave me concrete points to focus on during the interview.

He helped me to relay my strengths and lay out what I could do for the company. I’m happy to say that in working with Scott, I nailed the interview and 2 weeks later was offered the position. He has an uncanny ability to see where your strengths are and help you remove the “fluff” from your resume. The result>>>>> the offer. If you are not working with Scott you should be. He is knowledgeable and delivers. I highly recommend his services.”

The Promise of more peace, joy, and confidence in your everyday life. Feeling enthusiastic and excited as you move forward in this crucial area of your life!

Randy Robertson

Randy Robertson: The Investment Advisor Advocate

“Scott Engler has helped me tremendously in making a shift in my career and success.”