August 6, 2016



I’m lucky to have the opportunity to work with unique, inspiring, and creative people. Here are some people I’ve worked with over the years.


 Steve Borochoff : VP Global Sales |Software, IoT, Sensors | Enterprise, OEM, Embedded |Recurring Revenue

 “Scott is very adept at career counseling. In a one on one session he walked me through how to navigate LinkedIn for success and how to get on recruiter’s radar. The career guidance world is rapidly changing and Scott is always one step ahead.”

Ryan Schneider: Sales Professional

Before our first call, I had already spent many years of personal career exploration and a lot of money on several different career coaches. At this point in time, I was beyond frustrated because I still didn’t feel as though I had a clear vision of what I really wanted to do. I just that I knew it wasn’t what I was currently doing. On top of this, I was job searching 20-25 hrs/wk on top of my regular job and feeling exhausted. I expressed past frustrations and skepticism during my initial call with Scott, and asked him why this time could possibly be any different for me.

He asked me some important open ended questions and after carefully listening, he pointed out some things he covered in his coaching that had never been addressed with me before. Though he made some good points, I was still slightly skeptical, yet decided to move forward in working with him.

One of the first benefits was Scott assisting me in reducing my time job searching from 20-25 hrs to 5-10 hrs/wk. What was also incredible was that after Scott and I made some improvements to my LinkedIn profile, I was literally averaging one interview per week on LinkedIn alone!

The biggest miracle for me was that during working with Scott, I finally had a clear vision of what I wanted to do! This felt so empowering and dramatically helped me in all of my future job interviews. I also developed a new awareness of what my core strengths were and how they had contributed to past professional and personal successes. Employers interviewing me began responding to me in a more positive way and I quickly began getting multiple job offers. Since I now had a much clearer vision of what I was really wanting, I was actually turning away job offers, and avoiding the same types of mistakes I had made in the past of just accepting any job I could get. I highly recommend Scott to anyone who might relate to some of the same challenges I had before working with him and wanting to experience the results I got


Leslie Brown:  MBA Office Supervisor, Kaiser Permanente

I highly recommend Scott! Scott is a true professional who genuinely cares about his clients. Using his approach to personal re-branding has enhanced both my professional growth and personal marketing strategy.

He has provided a productive and meaningful experience through consistent guidance and partnership while helping me identify untapped potential. My experience with Scott has been truly rewarding and well worth the investment.”

Joshua Schwiesow: Pharmacy Business Services Manager, Denver Health

“I sought the opportunity to work with Scott after a colleague had recommended him. What I most appreciated was his objective evaluation of goals and direction. He helped me sort through what I was looking for and encouraged focus and some measure of conciseness. We also worked on strategic skills such as evaluating all aspects of an opportunity and appropriately using a network.

Scott had the right balance of pushing back objectively and encouraging when he saw potential. It’s also worth mentioning that in just 6 weeks of us working together, I found a great opportunity and landed a new position right as we finished our work! I highly recommend anyone looking to Jumpstart their job search in a contemporary digital era to work with Scott.”