Become a LinkedIn Networking ROCKSTAR (Custom For Entrepreneurs)




Finally!  You can now have your own copy – a 75 minute mp4 recording of a recorded broadcast and training with a group of entrepreneurs: “Become a LinkedIn Networking Rockstar!”

This was the presentation I’ve given as both a keynote speaker in 2016 and breakout speaker at a state conference in 2017

This presentation includes some of these key components:

• The top 5 most common underlying reasons why entrepreneurs don’t actively use LinkedIn to its full potential, regardless of their profession, age, geographical location, and socio-economic status.

• Share my “secrets” with participants on the specific steps I personally took to successfully connect with the top experts in the world in my industry by using LinkedIn- the type of people that I wouldn’t have stood a chance to connect with on any other social media site, and how I cultivated these professional relationships to where they’re now featured in my publications and collaborate with me on business endeavors.

• I expose the most common networking mistakes people make all the time on LinkedIn, and what you can do instead to successfully network on LinkedIn and stand out from the majority.

• A live demonstration using the LinkedIn site, where I show the audience some tips and tricks to massively expand their own network, and secret tricks I’ve accidentally found on best ways to do an advanced search on the site to connect with the right people to reach your goals for using the site.


  •  Fellow entrepreneur shares his most recent success strategies to be a lead generating machine on LinkedIn for new business prospects.
  • I provide a step by step of how I connected with and began to authentically set up future opportunities in my own business with a highly successful public figure and fellow entrepreneur!

1 review for Become a LinkedIn Networking ROCKSTAR (Custom For Entrepreneurs)

  1. Stephen Hodges

    “Scott is awesome. He knows way more about LinkedIn than I thought existed.”
    -Stephen Hodges, CEO and Educator

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