February 27, 2017

The Ultimate Training Series For “Contribution Focused” Entrepreneurs:

Love’N Your Live’N: Balancing A Full Life While Doing The Work You Love

Course Overview:

In this video, I address the audience as us “contribution focused” entrepreneurs, and go over the phases of business that this training series was created for.

1) Those who are having difficulty getting their business off the ground and be able to do it “full time.”

2) Those who own a business growing much faster or sooner than they had anticipated, and need help hiring the right support to handle all the demands to keep their business thriving and retain customers through quality service.

3) Those who have an established business and work all the time and have a hard time creating the work/life balance they truly desire.


1) Aligning Your Strengths & Talents With Your Passion & Purpose

2) Delegation: The Fine Art of ‘Letting Go Of Control”

3) Self Worth & Workaholism

4) “Owning” Your Unique Value & Services While Manifesting Your Business Growth

5) The Bigger The “NO,” The Better The “Yes”

The content of these episodes were designed to help us move forward and thrive in our business and still live an abundant life in all areas – personal, professional, relational, recreational, physical, and spiritual.

I am also personally speaking during each of the episodes- providing insight, education, and application during the presentations, which are in PowerPoint format. (See video clip below as an example).



“Week One: Aligning Your Strengths & Talents With Your Passion & Purpose:

Over the past 40 years, Donald Clifton, Father of Strengths Psychology, and a team of Gallup scientists have began a revolution of finding out what’s right with people, versus much of a societal infatuation on focusing on “problems,” and “improving out weaknesses.”

They’ve done extensive research over the past decades – surveying more than 10 million people internationally on employee engagement in the last decade alone. Much of their findings have strongly supported their hypothesis that people are significantly more effective in their careers when they choose to focus on cultivating their natural strengths and talents, vs. focusing on “problems” in their business and improving the areas they aren’t as good in.

Interestingly enough, as I’ve coached and lectured to dozens of entrepreneurs and students on both undergraduate and graduate levels, I’d say close to 90% of the people I’ve asked have a very difficult time articulating their strengths and talents, especially in a way that it pertains to their career. I strongly believe that if you can really hone in on your strengths and how to best use them, you will be way ahead of the game!

In week one, I will discuss

1)How I was able to get more clarity on my own strengths through reading NY Bestselling book Strengths Finder 2.0 and taking its online assessment, and how developing and integrating my strengths into my business yielded fantastic results.

2) Teaching and discussing ways that you can more effectively identify and cultivate your own individual strengths and how it can radically improve your business.

3) Identifying and Applying your 20 % “Strengths Zone” to produce 80% of your results.

4) A real life example from a six month case study of applying this theory into my coaching with a client.”




Who this training series is for, and

Who this training series is (not) for


  • “Contribution-Focused” Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who are passionate about making a positive impact with their work, and are willing to go “all in” to do what it is they love full time and create joy and vitality in each important area of their life.
  • People who are COMMITTED TO SUCCESS –  high-achieving individuals, open to growth and learning, and willing to apply new ideas into action!
  • People who are willing to courageously look at some of the aspects of themselves which may have been preventing them from thriving and growing.


  • People who are “dabblers” when it comes to their career and business, and not willing to take risks and go “all in” when it comes to pursuing their ‘mission’ or ‘purpose.’
  • People who don’t see the “value” in investing in themselves.
  • People who think they “know it all,” and have nothing left to learn.
  • People who expect everything in life to be handed to them, like to “blame others” for their perceived ‘failures,’ and are not willing to take courageous and committed actions to making their dreams into a reality.

Finding “Collective Solutions” to the “Collective Challenges” to thrive in both our business and quality of life.


“I met Scott around a year ago in Eugene at a networking event held at Eugene Mindworks, a local co-working facility I own and operate.

Scott and I worked together as I marketed a five week workshop series Scott had created to be presented at my facility. His workshop series focused on helping small local business owners, entrepreneurs, and members of my facility grow and develop their businesses through a strength-focused approach and efficient business strategies. 

 I personally attended the majority of workshops and seminar myself, and was very impressed with Scott’s level of expertise, teaching ability, and genuine passion to help all the individuals who attended. The people who attended the first few workshops were so happy with the results and information that they continued to show up week after week. 

It was a pleasure to work with Scott and witness the valuable contribution he made to various entrepreneurs and local business professionals looking to achieve a higher level of success.”

~Aloma Loren Murray, Owner of Eugene Mindworks

Are you feeling deep down in your “gut” that this is THE  TRAINING SERIES  for you?!

If the answer is “YES,”  Claim your copy of the complete 5 episode training series of LoveN’ Your LiveN’ NOW!

Also includes audio recording on Seven Deadly Sins Preventing Business Growth and Four Effective Forms of Networking

Additional documents I use with my 1:1 coaching clients for creating and honing in on your ideal demographic, and creating customized coaching packages to help you attract and work with your ideal clients

Aaaaaand, since I enjoy seeing people succeed so much and respect people who take the time and commitment to invest in themselves, I will also throw in three awesome recorded Guided Visualizations.

(1) recorded visualization on Strength Cultivating”

(1)  recorded visualization on  “Overcoming Perfectionism.”

And (1) recording of one of my personal favorites –  – “The 5 Minute Meditation.”  I created this especially for us busy, high achieving types who seem to always be “on the go.”

PLUS, included with the purchase of this course includes a 30 minute private VIP coaching session customized for YOU! During our call together-  we go over your “WHY” – essentially, your personal goals and expectations of what you want to get from this course!

Here’s To Your Success Moving Forward – Invest today in your copy of the complete 5 episode training series of LoveN’ Your LiveN’

*30 Day Money Back Guarantee If You Felt This Online Training Was Not Worth The Investment Required.

May you soar and find fulfillment in all facets of your life!

-Scott E


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