March 28, 2017

LinkedIn Jumpstart Training For Job Seekers

The LinkedIn Jumpstart Training Series Presents:

Become a LinkedIn Job Seeker ROCKSTAR!

“Find Your Next Job On The Social Platform With More Recruiters Than Anywhere Else In The World.”


As featured on, WorkitDaily,Human Talent Network, and KTLA Los Angeles Channel 5 morning news as an expert on Career Transition and Optimizing LinkedIn:  Scott Engler, author of “The Job Inner-View,” “Legends of the Recruiting and Career World,” and the upcoming publication “Job Seeker of the 21st Century: The University Edition”  has spent years utilizing, researching, and collaborating with top LinkedIn experts in his industry such as Miles Jennings (CEO of, Lou Adler (best-selling author of “Hire With Your Head,” and J.T. O’Donnell (CEO of  WorkItDaily (Formerly CAREEREALISM) ) on how to optimize LinkedIn for professional networking and career development.

During that time, he has published dozens of articles, and received “Managers Choice” awards for several articles on LinkedIn. In 2016, Scott was selected by the staff at LinkedIn to be featured and recommended for his services as a thought leader and industry expert for their new “LinkedIn ProFinder” feature.

Scott currently runs his own online business “B.Y.O.B.” Coaching & Consulting, where he helps individuals and groups with Career Transition and LinkedIn Personal Branding services.  He also works for as a consultant, career coach, and thought leader on LinkedIn Professional Branding and Career Development.

“In my own words:”

 I offer two different options for the “LinkedIn Jumpstart Training;” which cover (3) of the most critical LinkedIn pillars to understand and optimize for your success on the platform.

  1. Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile and Professional Brand.
  2. How To Massively Expand Your Network With Relevant Connections & Key Networking Strategies.
  3. Learning To Use General Functions On LinkedIn Effectively And Feeling More Comfortable and Confident Using LinkedIn In Alignment With Your Individual Goals.


 In These “LinkedIn Jumpstart Training’s,” You Will Also Learn:

  • Overview of LinkedIn, and how it has become the #1 social media site for Recruiters to find top talent.  (Roughly 94% of Recruiters vs. 35% of Active Job Seekers)
  • The Top Ten Ways To Specifically Use LinkedIn To Land Your Next Job.
  • Teaching you what I’ve learned over 5+ years now collaborating with LinkedIn experts and staff in Career Development and Recruiting such as J.T. O’Donnell, Lindsey Pollak, and Lou Adler, and have crafted my insight and expertise to help thousands of people optimize LinkedIn from around the world to find their next desired position.
  • I’ll go over some of the most simple and effective steps that only require 5-10 minutes a day and can yield huge results for your professional network growth and career development.
  • A very quick and easy strategy I’ve learned on LinkedIn that can literally help you increase your pre-existing connections from other jobs, social settings, etc.; and give you the ability to efficiently increase your network  by 5-25xs of your current LinkedIn network.


Cinda H. Employment Immigration Specialist

“Before I decided to purchase Scott’s LinkedIn Jumpstart Training, I was feeling stuck, frustrated, and not getting any new opportunities for jobs that I wanted. I decided to make the investment in these training’s, and followed the suggestions Scott made to me.

Within one week of making updates to my profile, and expanding and reconnecting with people in my network, I had THREE different recruiters reach out to me about different job opportunities!

For the first time in a long time, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders in this area. I highly recommend that other people experience the wealth of insight, expertise and first-hand experience Scott offers with these Training’s.”


 Brenda Manning: Compliance Professional & Business Attorney

“I struggled with my job search until I turned to LinkedIn. I joined their Job Seeker Premium group and was very active in group discussions – giving and receiving help with other group members and learning valuable tips from industry experts such as Scott Engler and several others. 

It was like a lightbulb went off. I realized I was going about my job search wrong.  Once I began implementing different strategies my results improved and I was able to find a new position.”

LinkedIn Jumpstart Training (Standard Package):

Your purchase of this package includes:

  • The full one hour live tutorial broadcast on “Become A LinkedIn Networking ROCKSTAR” – as I present and educate alongside a PowerPoint. (includes updates with the new LinkedIn user interface).
  • Recorded Live from a LinkedIn Workshop, where I’m going over some of the individual profiles of Top LinkedIn Influencers in the world, and what they have done to be uniquely effective  in their own professional branding to be successful on LinkedIn.
  • Live recorded broadcast of “Path To Becoming A LinkedIn Job Seeker Rockstar.”

Also includes:

  •  Podcast: “The Seven Deadly Sins Preventing Career and Business Growth,”
  • Audio Recording based on my LinkedIn Manager’s Choice Article “Nine Powerful Ways To Use LinkedIn For Landing Your Next Position.”
  •  PowerPoint version of “Become a LinkedIn Networking ROCKSTAR” presentation to have and access as often as needed to help you.

Total market value of all these services range between $700.00-$850.00

If You Buy Them As Part Of This Package, You Will Get Everything For $299.00!

Here’s To You ….Starting The Journey Of Becoming An Official LinkedIn ROCKSTAR  Today —> Claim Your LinkedIn Power Now! 

(Note: Please make sure you only purchase “LinkedIn Jumpstart Training Standard Version” in Store).

LinkedIn Jumpstart Training (Deluxe Package)

Through a “hybrid method” of both private 1:1 calls and online training material, I offer a more individualized approach to the “LinkedIn Jumpstart Training;” covering (3) of the most critical pillars to understand and improve on LinkedIn 

During our private 1:1 calls and the training materials and broadcasts, I will personally cover all three of the core pillars on the road to LinkedIn success by focusing on your 1) LinkedIn Profile Optimization 2) Level One Network Growth & Strategy, and 3) Basics of Using the Site Effectively.

I will come alongside you to ensure your success over the following weeks as you are making changes and updates to your LinkedIn profile and learning to navigate LinkedIn to your advantage.

Your purchase of this package includes: 

  • Everything included in the Standard Package
  • Two (20) minute private VIP calls with me. 
  • An attached “get to know you intake assessment” with pertinent questions to answer, so I will have a much better understanding to help you with your needs and goals before our 1:1 VIP calls!
  • Recording of a 50 minute broadcast video group call I had with various clients who are business professionals. During this video conference I personally review each of their individual LinkedIn profiles, providing “real time feedback” and practical strategies for each of them.

Also includes:

  • My own secret formula I share with my private LinkedIn clients to optimize their time on the site for their own personal goals, called “The LinkedIn Power (half) Hour.” 
  • Powerpoint and a new live audio recording of one of my most popular presentations: “The Four Different Forms Of Effective Networking.”

 Accelerate Your Path To Becoming a LinkedIn ROCKSTAR by  Ordering This Training Today —> Claim Your LinkedIn Power Now

(Note: Please make sure you only purchase “LinkedIn Jumpstart Training Deluxe Version” in Store).

***30 Day Full Refund Guarantee if products did not meet your satisfaction.***

*Please allow 1-3 business days to receive all products electronically, along with a response to you and setting up our first private 1:1 call. Once confirmation of payment has been received, you will receive an email with a receipt of your purchase from B.Y.O.B. Coaching & Consulting.

Joshua L.

Joshua Lindsey, MBA: Regional Sales Leader at Blue Harbor Senior Living

“I have met others who claim to know a lot about professional branding and LinkedIn over the years, but Scott’s knowledge was superior. He is the real deal and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to take things in their career or business to a whole new level!”



Ryan S. Sales Professional

“In deciding to work with Scott 1:1 for a more extended period of time, one of the first benefits was Scott assisting me in reducing my time job searching from 20-25 hrs/wk to 5-10 hrs/wk. 

What was incredible was that after Scott and I made some improvements to my LinkedIn profile, I was literally averaging one job interview per week on LinkedIn alone, without submitting ANY online job applications.

 Employers interviewing me began responding to me in a more positive way and I quickly began getting multiple job offers. Since I now had a much clearer vision of what I was really wanting, I was actually turning away job offers, and avoiding the same types of mistakes I had made in the past of just accepting any job I could get.

 I highly recommend Scott to anyone who might relate to some of the same challenges I had before working with him and wanting to experience the results I got afterwards.”

CLIP FROM “Path To Becoming A LinkedIn Job Seeker Rockstar.”


The total market value of all these services range between $1,500.00-$2,000.00

If You Buy Them As Part Of This Deluxe Package, You Will Get Everything For $599.00!

In the words of world renowned motivational coach Tony Robbins, “When would NOW be a good time to start?”

Click here to get started and rock’n roll!


***30 Day Full Refund Guarantee if products did not meet your satisfaction.***

*Please allow 1-3 business days to receive all products electronically, along with a response to you and setting up our first private 1:1 call. Once confirmation of payment has been received, you will receive an email with a receipt of your purchase from B.Y.O.B. Coaching & Consulting.



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