August 31, 2016

“Career Development Post 2012” 10 Week Course


“Want To Break Through To The Next Level Of Your Career Today?”

“I’d Love To Help You Get There!”

“As featured on, CAREEREALISM, Human Talent Network, and KTLA Los Angeles Channel 5 morning news as an expert on Career Transition and Optimizing LinkedIn:  Scott Engler, author of “The Job Inner-View,” “Legends of the Recruiting and Career World,” and the upcoming publication “Job Seeker of the 21st Century: The University Edition”  has spent years utilizing, researching, and collaborating with top LinkedIn influencers in his industry such as Miles Jennings (CEO of, Lou Adler (best-selling author of “Hire With Your Head,” and J.T. O’Donnell (CEO of CAREEREALISM) on how to optimize LinkedIn for professional networking and career development.

During that time, he has published dozens of articles, and received “Managers Choice” awards for several articles on LinkedIn. Scott currently runs his own online business “B.Y.O.B.” Coaching & Consulting, where he helps individuals and groups with Career Transition and LinkedIn Personal Branding services.”

In my own words:

After a lot of preparing and waiting for the right time, I’ve finished putting the “icing” on the curriculum for  a 10 week Course on Career Development and Contemporary Job Searching.

Having spent close to a decade now and countless hours working with people in this area, I’ve continued to hear more of the “same” stories, simply told in a slightly different way.

From the beginning, it has been my intention to help and impact people on a much larger scale in this area, and that it’s not always feasible or practical for people to work with me 1:1.

I had this idea for an online course for many months, but I really wanted to make sure I took the extra time to really “zero in” on what people were wanting and needing help in THE MOST.

I began to carefully observe what these were for most job seekers, through dozens of client calls, group chats on job searching threads, creating “online surveys” for job seekers for topic ideas, and getting messaged from frustrated job seekers literally all across the world, sharing their struggle with me. With very few exceptions, every single person I’ve spoken to, heard from, read about, and worked with has expressed “wanting” or “needing” help in at least one of these areas.

So lo and behold, I put together a 10 week course which includes all of them.

10 course topics

  • “Uncovering, Discovering, & Pursuing” Your Desired Career
  • The “Seven Deadly Sins” Blocking Career Growth
  • Aligning Your Individual Strengths & Talents With A Passionate & Purposeful Career
  • Resume Building 2.0
  • The “Four Forms” of Networking
  • Becoming a LinkedIn ROCKSTAR
  • Attracting the “Right” Companies, Not the “Toxic” Ones
  • Acing the Job Interview Process – From Beginning To End.
  • Salary Negotiating
  • Transitioning Your Skills And Experience Across Different Industries

Each “week” of training material includes a different topic, discussion, and assignment.

I believe this online course package will be extremely effective, and even enjoyable for the people who register!!!! Click here to get started!


  • Either (a) PowerPoint presentation, (b) podcast, or (c) recorded live broadcast for every topic of the week.
  • Digital copies (ebook) of both my publications: “The Job Inner-View” and “Legends Of The Recruiting & Career World.”
  • A live recording of my “unfiltered” interview with internationally best-selling author of all time for career development, Dick Bolles: Author of “What Color Is Your Parachute.”
  • (2) recorded guided visualizations on professional development I created for personal clients: One is on “Cultivating Strength’s,” the other one is “Creating Financial Abundance W/ Your Gifts & Talents.”
  • Additional Podcast on “Top Nine Ways To Use LinkedIn To Land Your Next Position.”
  • PLUS, included with the purchase of this course includes (2) 30 minute private coaching sessions customized for YOU!
  • During our first call together-  we go over your “WHY” – essentially, your personal goals and expectations of what you want to get from this course!
  • Our second call will be at the completion of finishing all the videos, Powerpoints, etc.  During this call together, we will collaborate on what’s happened for you during the time you spent through the course material, and how to keep the positive momentum going for you! Who knows, you may not even need to have the second call, because during this time you’ve ALREADY landed your next job! That’s a fantastic reason to not have to do another call, unless you still wanted to celebrate together! It’s entirely up to you!

     Here’s To Your Success Moving Forward – Invest today in your copy of the complete package for the online course!

    *30 Day Money Back Guarantee If You Felt This Online Training Was Not Worth The Investment Required.

    May you soar and find fulfillment in all facets of your life!

    -Scott E



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