August 14, 2019

Become a LinkedIn Job Seeker ROCKSTAR Deluxe Course:


As featured on LinkedInLinkedIn Career Premium, Job Scan,, WorkitDaily, Human Talent NetworkCareerHeads, and KTLA Los Angeles Channel 5 morning news as an expert on Career Transition and Optimizing LinkedIn:  Scott Engler, author of “The Job Inner-View,” and “Legends of the Recruiting and Career World,”  has spent years utilizing, researching, and collaborating with LinkedIn experts and the top leaders in his industry such as Miles Jennings (CEO of Adler (best-selling author of “Hire With Your Head,” and J.T. O’Donnell(CEO of  WorkItDaily) on how to optimize LinkedIn for professional networking and career development.

In 2016, Scott was selected and (still currently) featured on LinkedIn as a career coaching expert for their new resource “LinkedIn ProFinder;” a feature on the site for LinkedIn users to search “LinkedIn recommended” experts in certain professional industries.

In 2017, he was hand selected by LinkedIn as 1 of 35 people (out of over 500 million) paid as a service provider throughout a pilot program for career premium users; providing feedback on their profiles to land new jobs through the LinkedIn platform.

In 2018, Scott was named by Job Scan as 1 of the top 35 people in the world for job seekers to follow on LinkedIn. 



Make your LinkedIn Profile a ‘Recruiter Magnet’ getting to the place where your LinkedIn profile does the work “for you!”  Purchase today by clicking here! 



The Course:

LinkedIn assessment

An initial LinkedIn assessment with pertinent questions to answer, so I will have a much better understanding to help with your individual needs and goals before we even start our call!

My LinkedIn Course

Includes live broadcasts, webinars, podcasts, live coaching calls, and PowerPoints that are a culmination of over 7 years of helping thousands of people optimize their LinkedIn and create a strong, congruent professional brand to land a job, expand their network, or grow their business – collaborating with top LinkedIn experts, and partnering and interviewing leaders in Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, and Career Development.

Course materials include some of the following: (plus some bonus features)

  • A full one hour live tutorial broadcast on the same topic I presented as a keynote speaker: “Become A LinkedIn Networking ROCKSTAR” – as I present and educate alongside a PowerPoint. (includes updates with the new LinkedIn user interface).
  • Podcast based on my LinkedIn “Manager’s Choice Award” article: “Top Ten Ways To Use LinkedIn For Landing Your Next Position.”
  • Recorded Live Presentation of me going over some of the individual profiles of Top LinkedIn experts in the world, and what they have done to be uniquely effective in their own professional branding to be successful on LinkedIn.
  • Live recordings of calls with former clients and my educating them on changes and upgrades to make to their LinkedIn profile.
  • Live broadcast of “Introduction To LinkedIn For Job Seekers.”

Also includes:

  • PowerPoint and a new live audio recording of one of my most popular presentations: “The Four Forms Of Effective Networking.”
  • Podcast:: “The Seven Deadly Sins Preventing Career and Business Growth.”
  • PowerPoint versions of both “Become a LinkedIn Networking ROCKSTAR” and “Introduction To LinkedIn For Job Seekers” to have and access as often as needed to help you.
  • Assignments and challenges within the course materials designed to help you set personal goals for using LinkedIn and applying what you’ve learned from the materials to immediately begin experiencing better results!


Some of the BENEFITS you can expect with this package:

Learn in a few hours what’s taken me over seven years to accumulate in working with others on their profile and collaboration with Top LinkedIn Influencers and LinkedIn Career & Recruiting Experts.

Having a profile which tells your “career story” in a powerful and engaging way – attracting the right people and opportunities to grow your professional network and your career. I will show you the three MOST important sections of your LinkedIn Profile to highlight, and how to use this to your advantage and create a strong, congruent professional brand that will quickly become a recruiter attraction magnet.

Real life success stories of what some of my own clients have done to stand out and start being noticed and contacted about new job opportunities by Recruiters.

Getting your LinkedIn profile to be at an “All Star Profile Strength.” Optimizing your profile to a level which dramatically increases your visibility and ability to be discovered by the right people on LinkedIn.

Two simple strategies to grow your professional network by the thousands, and how it only requires 5-10 minutes per day on LinkedIn



 “Scott is very adept at career counseling.  In a one on one session he walked me through how to navigate LinkedIn for success and how to get on recruiter’s radar.  The career guidance world is rapidly changing and Scott is always one step ahead.”

Steve Borochoff

VP Global Sales, Software, IoT, Sensors

“Working through the LinkedIn course material, it really feels like Scott is there the whole time working with and supporting you. LinkedIn has been a daunting site and I wasn’t exactly sure how to use it effectively, but Scott really helps you feel that becoming good at using LinkedIn is possible and manageable without feeling overwhelmed.

Currently I have a second interview with a company doing exactly what I want to be doing, and I found and applied for the job on LinkedIn!”

Kate Campbell

Leading Quality Operations, Product Development, and Sustainability


 “What I found most valuable from working with Scott and this service was gaining an inside perspective of what recruiters are looking for and how to optimize my LinkedIn profile with this insight. I was also able to really narrow down what I was wanting to do at this stage in my career, and being able to communicate that on my LinkedIn to attract the right recruiters and opportunities.

Rick Jordon

Chief Operating Officer, Supply Chain & Logistics


  “Before I decided to purchase Scott’s LinkedIn package, I was feeling stuck, frustrated, and not getting any new opportunities for jobs that I wanted. I decided to make the investment in these training’s, and followed the suggestions Scott made to me.

Within one week of making updates to my profile, and expanding and reconnecting with people in my network, I had THREE different recruiters reach out to me about different job opportunities!

For the first time in a long time, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders in this area. I highly recommend that other people experience the wealth of insight, expertise and first-hand experience Scott offers with these Training’s.”

Cinda H.

Employment Paralegal

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