January 14, 2017

B.Y.O.B. Coaching & Consulting Premium Services (Description)


Through my coaching and 13+ years of experience of working with individuals on a 1:1 level, I act as a ‘catalyst’ to ignite my client’s inner-fire – using an “80/20 Strength’s Based” approach to help them transition into the types of careers, positions, or companies they never thought were possible beforehand.

“B.Y.O.B.” can take on several meanings: “Building Your Own Brand/Business,” “Being Your Own Boss,” and I work primarily with people in career transition.

This can be a career transition from various things, but the three most common transitions I offer 1:1 services for are

1) Transitioning into a different industry.

2) Transitioning to a different company.

3) Transitioning from a “corporate” employee to working more as an independent contractor or freelance consultant role.

“B.Y.O.B.” COACHING & CONSULTING is based on customized 1:1 services to utilize the most effective and innovative strategies to get you to the next level of your career and/or business. I utilize an 80/20 strengths focused approach to my coaching, which involves a personalized strengths assessment to start out and build a solid foundation.

Using your advantages – to your advantage.

I value that each individual has a certain type of learning style – visual, audible, and tactile. Usually most people find that they have a varying combination of the three learning styles and because of this, I customize the approach of my work based on your individual needs.

Premium packaged services include courses, publications, and various training materials I’ve created alongside our personalized coaching sessions (telephone and/or video sessions) and unlimited email correspondence.



  • Landing a new position (you actually want) in half the amount of time of an average job seeker, and doing it spending 5-10xs less hours per week in your actual job search than you were before.
  • Intense experiences of clarity of what your unique strengths are, and learning to align them with your work related experience and passions to go after the type of position or career you didn’t think was possible before.
  • Significant increases in your overall confidence; resulting in drastic improvements with your networking , job interviewing, personal branding, and salary negotiating skills. Symptoms may  occur separately, or collectively.
  • Changes in your thought patterns and a transformation of your limiting beliefs: including, but not limited to – a completely new perspective on knowing your own worth & potential, and recognizing you  do not need all the additional certifications and work experience to advance in your career you once believed you did.

Additional list of premium services offered and “problems solved” through my work with my individual clients: 

  • Uncovering, Discovering, & Pursuing Your Desired Career. (Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals based on the customized way that Deepak Chopra outlines, and creating powerful intentions and affirmations for you to align with your next position. This process with my individual clients results in you getting  “crystal clear” on your next desired career path).
  • Helping you optimize the use of your LinkedIn Profile for Professional Branding, Networking, & Job Searching. (Top 5 % of search in your desired target market) and easily discovered by Recruiters searching for the top talent in your industry).
  • Aligning Your Individual Strengths & Talents With A Passionate & Purposeful Career (Designing and marketing a powerful Personal Brand (All- Star Profile Strength) through your accomplishments, profile summary, work history, strengths, and skills to attract the career you have always wanted).
  •  Attracting the right companies (not the toxic ones). (We will align your desired fit with potential companies/positions, and I will teach you how to anticipate and spot out the “toxic companies” – which will help you redirect your focus. Plus, I teach my clients how to create better (and more) options for themselves, which helps them feel more empowered in their search, and less willing to “settle.”
  • “Acing the job interview” and “getting you paid what you deserve.” (Includes comprehensive  preparation for your upcoming job interviews, and creating a client “stat sheet” for your interview and aiding in negotiating their desired salary. We also do mock Skype video sessions together to assess client body language, voice tone, and simulating a version of upcoming interviews).
  • Transitioning Your Skills & Experiences Across Different Industries. (I help my clients realize how their current history, experience, and skills can often be EASILY translated and highlighted to propel them to transition into another industry or position. Through our practicing and my “on the spot” coaching during mock interviews, my clients consequently feel much more confident and optimistic going into their future interviews).

Some of the publications and training materials include: (For more information: please see “My Courses.” at top of menu)